Our December cover girl, the young and fabulous Shalvynne Chang, shares with us all about her current endeavours, her passion for travel, and her fondest memories.

“Ever since I began my journey in early childhood education, I have developed a great interest in education and learning systems, particularly for young children,” she says. “I believe that education is the key to life, and I am passionate about creating a space that provides a wide variety of ways for children to learn.”

During the course of pursuing her certificate, Shalvynne realised that high-quality education is not merely a matter of passing exams with flying colours or attending the most prestigious schools around the world, but is, in fact, all about conceptual understanding.

This is especially true given the emergence of new technology, with everyone having access to all kinds of information at the touch of a finger or the click of a mouse button.

“What excites me most is to encourage children to be pro-actively engaged in acquiring knowledge and to see how they use information to help mould them into productive citizens,” explains Shalvynne, who was fortunate enough to receive her degree in marketing from Monash University in Melbourne.

Being the younger of two siblings, Shalvynne also tells us that she and her older sister, who is based in Melbourne, are extremely close to each other and share some of their fondest memories together. “I make sure I visit Melbourne at least once a year, because it truly is my home away from home,” she says.

Read the full article in Indonesia Tatler December 2016 edition.

(Text by Maina A Harjani; Photo by Hakim Satriyo)

Watch the behind-the-scnes video with Shalvynne Chang: