OGXL7621.JPGIn the midst of the longing of Indonesian people for true and honest leaders, we rarely find intelligent young figures who consistently dedicate their lives to the environment, nation, and people. But one of those inspiring figures has emerged in the form of Drs. H. Musa Rajekshah, M.Hum., who is currently Deputy Governor of North Sumatera for the 2018 to 2023 period. Not only prioritising the problems at hand, he is also full of bright ideas. “I am determined to transform North Sumatera into an advanced, safe, prosperous, and dignified region,” says Musa, familiarly known as Ijeck, about his vision to lead North Sumatra alongside its Governor, former TNI Lieutenant General Edy Rahmayadi. Therefore, a sense of unity and support from all elements of society is needed to help realise the progress of development for the region. OGXL7171.JPGFurthermore, Ijeck, who was born in Medan on April 1, 1974, explains that there are five work programmes that are his main focus points. First, boosting the economy, not only in urban areas, but also at the rural level by improving the agricultural and fisheries industries; second, improving infrastructure in the form of roads and public facilities; third, improving education in order to prepare smart human resources who can develop the region; fourth, improving health facilities and services; and finally increasing employment opportunities. “To achieve all that, we invite domestic and foreign investors to invest in North Sumatera. Of course, we will review the regulations and licensing services that might hamper the process in order to provide convenience, comfort, and transparency for investors,” Ijeck explains. OGXL7611.JPGOn the other hand, as a person who is fond of and experienced in sports, especially motorsports, Ijeck is also determined to include sports facilities in tourist areas as part of his future work programme. He adds that this can be a driving force for regional promotion and improvements in the local economy. Furthermore, various sporting activities, especially at the international level, are routinely held as an effective means of promotion, attracting tourists and driving the economy in the wider community.

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