Many exclusive clubs around the world offer members-only packages for the rich and famous. Fancy rubbing shoulders with the well-to-do? Here are 6 exclusive and private members’ clubs around the world along with how you can score a membership.

Soho House

One of the most renowned private members’ clubs is Soho House, which can be found among metropolitan cities such as London, New York, Hollywood, Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona and others. Founded in 1995, Soho House is basically a home for creative minds to get together and enjoy luxurious drinks, meals and a cosy environment. How to become a  member? You must be recommended by two current members.



The UK’s Annabel’s is named after owner Mark Birley’s wife and is regarded as one of the top members’ clubs for the most-affluent. The club is known for its remarkable entertainment along with exquisite food and drinks. A strict dress code needs to be adhered to to get into Annabel’s, and to become a member, you must be referred by two current members.

Yellowstone Club

Set amid the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains in Montana in the US, the Yellowstone Club is a private ski resort and residential community that is perfect for the rich and powerful. Bill Gates, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck are among the most well-known members. The beautiful rocky slopes can be only enjoyed for those who own real estate within the community limits. To be a member of Yellowstone Club you must pay an initial fee of US$300,000 (Rp4bn) and an annual fee of US$37,500 (Rp500m) according to Business Insider.


If and when you step inside Silencio private club in Paris, France, you may be reminded of a unique art club from a movie and you’d be right. Following his cult flick Mullholland Drive, American director David Lynch set up Silencio in 2011. The club is built on a 700-square-metre space and offers myriad facilities for members: a photo gallery, a 24-seat cinema, bars, a stage and even a library. With strict entry policies, recommendations are encouraged and would be given priority on the list.

Capital Club Dubai

Business deals and social clubs have never been the same after the opening of Capital Club Dubai. Located in Gate Village, Capital Club was launched in 2008 and is connected to more than 250 international private clubs, while membership is strictly by invitation only. But if you become a member, you get many benefits such as dinner parties with the other well-heeled members and other social and business events.

Roppongi Hills Club

Especially catering to those who enjoy art and culture, Roppongi Hills Club is a members’-only club that is located on the 51st floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. The luxurious venue features two epic bars and seven astonishing restaurants, which make it an ideal place for like-minded individuals to come together and enjoy intellectual conversations. Every member must go through rigorous screening and interviews to get on the list.


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