A lady entrepreneur with strong character, Noni Purnomo admits that real happiness entails when she can share her love with others—by helping the unfortunate and by inspiring other women to be successful.

With such a noble intent, Noni built her business empire based on compassion and love, as reflected in her company, Blue Bird, which means the bird of happiness. “I want to love and be loved,” said the lady, who loves driving fast cars on the racetrack.

As the President Director of the Blue Bird Group Holding, Noni has implemented a handful of new strategies for the business. Besides providing taxi service, the company has successfully diversified, expanding into the car-rental service that ranges from chartered buses to limousines. Blue Bird’s portfolio is massive, as the company also specialises in logistics, handling warehousing, shipping containers, heavy equipment, and more. Just like how the company claimed, “Blue Bird isn’t just a taxi company, but it’s a way of life.”

“Now I focus on our new business, that is, logistics. We’re currently expanding and developing the warehousing and trucking business, and aim to become a reliable and efficient logistics service provider,” explained Noni, who is also in charge of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Blue Bird Peduli (Blue Bird Cares), whose interests are in education and the environment. “We believe that education is the most important aspect that will determine our country’s future.”

Another of Blue Bird Peduli’s focuses in the CSR field is environmental awareness, and so far, the group has been involved in water recycling, and oil and waste-processing projects. If that’s not enough, the company launched women’s empowerment programme three years ago by recruiting more women to the company. “Today, we have around 100 female drivers working for us,” Noni said with pride. “With this programme, we’ve also taken it to the next level: we provide free courses, and sewing and baking classes for our drivers’ wives, so that they are equipped with skills that would enable them to set up small home businesses.”

“To achieve my dreams, to inspire others, and to foster people to be successful, I have to build a successful business, so I can give more—not just by giving job opportunities to people but also by improving the lives of our employees’ family members, so they can help others as well and pass on the good will. And I encourage my children to be successful in their lives, teaching them to be grateful for what they have had so far and to always strive to be better, to respect others, and to give more,” she explained.

A woman of integrity, Noni is not only active in Blue Bird Peduli but also in her personal project—opening a private dormitory for street kids in the Plumpang area in North Jakarta. “We provide scholarships and allowances for these children, whose families can’t afford to send them to school for some reason or other. One of them even won a Mathematics Olympics competition. I feel that education is very important, and that’s the reason why I put all of this effort to help these children achieve success,” added Noni, who recently launched a courier service company called Nix, which is slated to operate this month. Noni, who was raised by her late grandmother, Mutiara Djokosoetono, the founder of the Blue Bird Group, recalled the olden days when she was still alive. “She used to teach me a lot about philosophy.

Every time she did something, she had a reason behind it. She once said we first had to be happy before sharing our happiness with others.” “We have to be grateful and learn from people from all walks of life, be it from our employees or from those who are more successful than we are. This is also an important value that I instil into my children. Every day, I ask them to share with me two things: the good news of the day for which they have to be grateful, and the bad news of the day on which they have to review. It’s important to be adaptive and open-minded. It’s important to appreciate failures and learn how to get up.”

“Don’t be scared to start something new, and success doesn’t come instantly. The worst decision is when you don’t make one; so, just make a decision and then move on—that’s how I do things. But always innovate, and always learn something new to improve. The biggest mistake is when one feels that they are already on top, so they can’t grow anymore.” When asked how she spends her free time, Noni concluded, “I dedicate a minimum of five weeks a year to having a family holiday with my husband and children. During this time, I focus on them and put my work on hold. And on a weekly basis, I now try to have a little me-time—cooking, enjoying good food, doing power swings and mixed martial arts, or sometimes driving cars in Sentul—all just for fun and to release my adrenaline.”