Recently, Founder and CEO of Artotel Group, an art-inspired boutique hotel chains, Erastus Radjimin, shared his insight on technology usage for enhancing hospitality operations and guest services at Mastercard TechXhibit 2017 Jakarta. The conference event was held by Mobiliari Group and Mastercard Indonesia at The Westin Jakarta. 

Together with The Country Director of Agoda International Indonesia, Gede Gunawan, they talked about how they use technology to engage more with the millennials. Because we all already know that millennials are not only changing business culture, but their characteristics and preferences are having a significant impact on the hospitality industry as well.

Erastus said that millennials, which are more active on using technologies and mostly seek information and inspiration from social media and other digital platforms, play a major role in the hospitality and tourism industry nowadays, and many of the hospitality trends are being driven by millennials. That’s why the industry needs to adapt or adjust on how it operates, in order to appeal to a new generation that will dominate the market. With their digital habits, hospitality industry should be wooing the millennials by adapting the technology to their business plan.

Hotels are responding by adding some creativity to their brands. “(When it comes to) millennials, is all about the branding concept image. So we do a lot of events, conceptual business, and we have merchandise event management, and do different music festival, and also art exhibition,” said Erastus.

Erastus also told us that we can’t lie people nowadays as they will see and judge instantly, based only on the brand’s appearance. So the only thing that the hotel industry must do is just to stay true to themselves. “This is who we are and we’ve been trying to made a new concept which is hassle free,” said Erastus.

Erastus thinks that hotels will need to make a major investment in technology. Erastus himself has been working on adding more technology on the services at Artotel, from tracking the customer’s behaviour and trying to remove the check in and check out process.

“We’ve been trying to remove the check in and check out process. So when you came the hotel you can just grab the key (to the room). Because we know how millennials hate the procedural things, so basically we trim the fat from the hotel service by cater the technology.”

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