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No amount of joy surpasses welcoming a new life into the world, and no one knows this better than soon-to-be parents. In true Indonesian fashion, Rachel and Amrit Lakhiani hosted a heartwarming baby shower on November 3 at Rachel’s home as they awaited the birth of their child in December.

In the eyes of many, it didn’t take much to see that the couple are as loving as they are fun. So when the two arrived to a bright tropical baby shower orchestrated by the soon to-be mother’s sister and best friends Sabrina Joseph and Michele Soeryadjaya, they sang nothing but praises for them.






“The games, décor, and food—everything was planned to perfection. I can’t thank them enough for planning the perfect shower,” smiled Rachel. True to her words, accompanying the unforgettable moment were picturesque desserts and drinks, which included a refreshing coconut bar, all spread around the room for guests to enjoy. But while the sweets and balloons helped build a merry ambience, nothing still shone as brightly as the beaming Rachel, whose excitement could be easily spotted from faraway.

A moment like this deserves to be seized and framed to be remembered forever. Capturing the joy and laughter from behind the lens was none other than SweetEscape, the fashionable app-based, on-demand photography start-up that has recently taken over the nation.

Stood next to her beloved husband Amrit, Rachel confessed that being first-time parents elicited a plethora of mixed emotions but having experienced friends and family helps. And what better way to shake off those nerves than by playing games to end the day with these trusted confidantes?  

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