Our first article in which we featured 14 female tech stars garnered such a positive response from readers that we decided to give you another list to satisfy your craving for successful females in the tech industry in Indonesia.

 Melieyana Tjioe (founder at Gogonesia.com)

Photo: akurat.co

After gaining her Master of Commerce degree in Business Strategy from the University of New South Wales, Melieyana went on to work in Sydney as an operations analyst in Servcorp and a finance associate at BlackRock before moving back to Indonesia as general manager of PT Surpree Indonesia, which owns and operates an online booking system that enables users to book activities, tours, and things to do in Indonesia. Her next venture might be the result of this experience as she went on to found a start-up called Gogonesia, a tour and travel booking platform that works with various local tour operators to provide various travel and activities packages around Indonesia.


Leonika Sari Njoto Boedioetomo (CEO at Reblood)

Photo: Hitsss.com

With a bachelor’s degree in information systems, Leonika was exposed to healthcare issues in Indonesia when she worked as the programmer for Redblood Indonesia, which is committed to bringing the best quality healthcare for Indonesia. After participating in the MITx Global Entrepreneurship Program at MIT and realising that Indonesia has a shortage of a minimum of 1 million bags of packed red blood cells annually, in 2015 she founded her own start-up called Reblood. As an app, Reblood aims to provide solutions that increase awareness and promote blood donation to help save lives.


Araya Noon Hutasuwan (co-founder and CFO at Snapcart)

Photo: Snapcart

As the co-founder and chief financial officer of Snapcart, Araya is a part of a platform that gives shoppers cashbacks for scanning their receipts while they collect large amounts of purchase data that they analyse and offer to brands in real time. A Thai by birth, she worked in various companies, including business development manager, advisor, and vice president of Ardent Capital where she managed a portfolio of companies that included big-data analytics, e-commerce, mobile gamification, and on-demand logistics.

Melissa Siska Juminto (COO at tokopedia)

Melissa Siska Juminto(on the far right). Photo: Hitsss

Starting off as accounting and finance lead with tokopedia in october 2012, Melissa rose up the ranks to become vice president of business, managing director, and now COO of tokopedia. Under her supervision, tokopedia has won numerous awards, from top e-commerce awards to a netizen brand choice award. With an education in accounting and information systems from the University of Washington, Melissa will have plenty of opportunities to exercise her expertise especially after proving herself well in tokopedia.


Iim Fahima Jachja (founder Queenrides, Young Global Leader of World Economic Forum)

Photo: Iim Fahima Jachja (Twitter)

As an expert in digital agencies, Iim founded Queenrides in January 2016 to promote awareness of the safety of women when they’re riding or driving a vehicle. Her mission when creating Queenrides is to empower women to understand safe riding for themselves, their family, and society. With more than 200,000 community members all over Indonesia, hopefully Queenrides can continue to create a safe environment for women on the road.


Putry Yuliastutik (CEO/co-founder at Kostoom)

Photo: Pedals.id

Describing herself as a start-up and social impact enthusiast sums up Putry’s career after she graduated from the University of Indonesia with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Her entrepreneurial passion started from making her own company called IPLogoDesign in which she specialised in digital start-up branding, logo design, graphic design, and website design. From there, she became a leader in the start-up arena by creating Bigalia, the first heavy equipment marketplace in Indonesia, and now, as the co-founder and CEO of Kostoom, she is in charge of an ecosystem that provides online sewing/stitching services for fashion designers and entrepreneurs who want to make their own clothing lines without going out of their homes. We can’t wait to see her next venture!


Yaumi Fauziah (marketing lead at Style Theory)

Photo: Yaumi Fauziah (Twitter)

With a strong presence in Singapore’s fashion arena, Style Theory is now here in Indonesia, and Yaumi is the marketing lead responsible for driving up the number of users and brand recognition among Indonesian fashionistas. After experience as a consultant, Yaumi landed the position of GO-LIFE’s senior growth strategist where she was in charge of developing a data-driven actionable plan as well as execution and measurement of the GO-LIFE app’s performance efforts into traction. Now, as part of the Style Theory team, she will build a smarter, more sustainable way to consume fashion in Indonesia.

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