Despite his firm demeanour at work, politician Dino Patti Djalal is a tender loving father who is encouraging towards his children’s growth and personal development. Currently busy with an independent forum, FPCI (Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia), which has the objective to promote positive nationalism and smart internationalism in Indonesia, Dino wishes that his kids would become proud Indonesians. “I want them to be at home anywhere in the world, to be comfortable in any cultural setting, and to be people of their time,” says the father of three. “I have a very close relationship with my children, especially my son Keanu. We do sports together, play basketball every chance we get and we even have our own handshake. Each of my kids has a unique personality and I encourage them to develop it. I push them to be their own persons and to be open-minded. In my life, I feel blessed because I’ve had many extraordinary experiences which moulded me to be a better person. This is why I have tried to expose all my kids to extraordinary things : to meet remarkable people, see unforgettable places, read amazing books, listen to big ideas, hear great speeches.” Just like other parents, Dino wants only the best things and dreams of success for his children. He wishes for his children to lead happy lives and be kind to others. “I have met tons of people who are successful but miserable. I don’t want them to be that way. I want my kids to fulfil and exceed their potential and at the same time be supportive of one another. Just like what my son once said during a family vacation, it doesn’t matter where we go and where we stay as long as we are together, because family is what matters most,” Dino concludes.



The founder of Jittlada Group, Lucky Soebyantoro, is an affable businessman. The father of two sons, Patrick (16) and Vigo (15), Lucky believes in the value of balance in raising his children. He trusts that if he can treat his sons like friends, his kids will also be more open to him and treat him like a friend too. “My wife mostly taught our children about discipline and character building, while I taught them more about open communication. I know sometimes that boys are more adventurous than girls, as I was one before. So I told my kids that they can be as adventurous as they want as long as they tell me their plans so that I will be able to supervise them. I encourage them to explore the world and travel a lot and introduce them to new things so that they can have an open mind,” shares the easy-going father. “My kids are committed, disciplined and eager to learn. Last year, Patrick joined WSC (World Scholar Cup), similar to a debate competition at Yale and learned Chinese calligraphy and culture in China. He also joined HMCA (Harvard Model Congress Asia) in Hong Kong. This year, both Patrick and Vigo will join WSC in Kuala Lumpur and HMCA in Seoul. We, as parents, only wish both of them success no matter what path they want to pursue. I don’t expect them to continue what I am doing now, so I am giving them the opportunity to choose based on their experiences and passion. I believe if we do what we love, we will do it to the best of our ability and we will do it joyfully,” he concludes.



With a resounding voice and a stern countenance, Diaz Hendropriyono exudes a strong air of authority. The strong-minded politician and entrepreneur often finds himself pulled in all directions with crucial matters that require his immediate attention. When it comes to his family, the same firmness he employs when conducting matters of the state are applied to guiding his three young children, especially his two boys Rafael and Fernando, on the road to growth and accomplishment. “When I see my children make mistakes, I have no reservations in setting them back on the right path.” While the young father’s no-nonsense approach to parenting might paint a picture of a stern father, it soon becomes apparent that the austere façade is a manifestation of a stout sense of responsibility to guide his children. However his firmness does not serve as road blocks to open communication. Diaz confesses, “It is a very touching moment when they trust me enough to talk to me about their problems. I always make myself available and keep the lines of communication wide open.”



Warmly greeting every employee he happened to come across while strolling through Surabaya’s J.W. Marriott lobby, J.R. Radjimin’s thoughtful gestures are indications of the affectionate father behind the accomplished hotelier. The down-to-earth entrepreneur never fails to acknowledge each staff member, from a member of the housekeeping associates to directors, who continually seek his guidance in the matters of management. “The most important thing that my father taught me was the meaning of hard work. We have to work hard and be grateful for the life that is given to us,” the amiable entrepreneur states in a friendly tone. A wholesome upbringing and work ethic are what J.R. hopes to pass on to his children, along with understanding and appreciation for life. Guiding his family using strong family values, the youngest of the Radjimin children, Erastus Radjimin, fully grasped the teachings instilled by his father and successfully applied them to his profession. Now an accomplished young hotelier and founder of the avant-garde ARTOTEL, Erastus’ passion for the hospitality industry is evidently inherited, as well as his strength in character and admirable work ethic.



The Richards trio are nothing short of charismatic, humble and jovial as we had a lovely chat with them on the patio overlooking the swimming pool of Riva Grill Bar & Terrace at The Park Lane Hotel, Jakarta. James and Jonathan, who are currently based in San Francisco and Jakarta respectively, try as much as possible to make the most of their time with their parents when James is back. “I’m usually back in Jakarta on short trips and since dad is extremely fond of golf, I make sure to play with him as much as possible,” James claims. Jonathan tells us that their father, Jon, is the most honest person he knows. James and Jonathan both left home in their early youth to pursue further education in London. However, this did not hinder the closeness they have with their father. “That was an era before Whatsapp, so he’d call us every hour to know our whereabouts,” Jonathan said jokingly. Amidst all the jokes, Jon tells us that parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing to do. He also believes that ‘the work’ of being a father is a lifetime on-going process. Since the boys have been away for a very long time, open communication is a key factor to all three in making sure the relationship remains stable. Jon tells us that he does not want his children to follow his footsteps, he wants them to take different paths and go farther than he ever dreamt possible. Also, he tries to instill values so when they grow up, they will know the value of things, not just the price. To end the lovely evening, we asked Jon what is the essence of being a father to two wonderful boys and he said: “While we try to teach our sons all about life, at the same time they teach us what life is all about. Without my sons, my house will be clean, my wallet full, but my heart empty!”