Let’s face it, if we are active on social media, either personally or professionally, sometimes negative vibes are unavoidable and we will encounter either haters, bullies, and/or trolls from time to time.

When it comes to social media and its challenges, you can turn to Fitria Yusuf for good advice. As a fashion model, socialite, writer, entrepreneur, and a content creator on digital platforms, here Fitria shares with us about handling social media like a pro.

Actively sharing various aspects of her life on her social media and website, from fashion to make-up to health to women’s empowerment, Fitria is well known as a digital influencer and lifestyle icon and her number of followers has reached 101,600 on Instagram.

From her years of experience, she has learned how best to deal with any negativity on social media, and how to maximise and engage with the followers with elegance. Watch the video above to learn how to use social media to your best advantage.

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(Interview & text: Dewi Irma & Jasmine Kusumawardhani)

Tags: Entrepreneur, Lifestyle, Fitria Yusuf, Social Media