With an emphasis on the letter T, we asked actor Dion Wiyoko about the importance of teamwork, talent, and how he stays thankful.


For me, teamwork is important. It is needed for effective collaborations between directors, actors, DOPs, actresses, and other crew members, even public servants. One example is during shooting, let’s say with an actor and actress. One of them could be nervous so the other should help instead of further intimidating him or her. If an actor or actress doesn’t act well, there will be no good chemistry in a scene, and, as an audience, we would not enjoy it either. Also, before the film is even shot, we always have to discuss improvisations and gestures. That’s why teamwork is very important.


For me, talent does not come out of thin air. I never thought of becoming an actor because in my family, there was no one with a background in acting. But I believe in trying, and when we try, we should try to do our best. When it comes to process, there will be failures for sure, but we will eventually find what we enjoy, our passion. I always see life experiences as my life savings.

I started from zero—as a movie extra and in small roles until I became the lead actor. You don’t find talent by the roadside and then use it for the rest of your life. Plenty of actors are born with acting talent, but not everyone is like that. For most people who try to become successful in what they’re doing, it is because they always practice and enjoy the process. For those of you trying to become actors, always believe in yourself and always have a willingness to learn.


I am very thankful for all the experience I have acquired in my acting career. When I was in college, I luckily got the chance to live independently and survive on my own even with the expense of being far from my family. Now, I can become an actor, entrepreneur, and also be able to try out other activities that I enjoy. I am grateful to God, as well as my family, who support me and now, and my wife, who always reminds me that my achievements would not be possible without God’s guidance. Every night she always reminds me to pray.

Today, I can only be a part of Gen.T because of God’s will.

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