Blessed by seemingly joyful Instagram posts and successful careers, couple Gisella Anastasia and Gading Marten have filed for a divorce—and it took the nation by surprise. Some were furious; some were concerned about the future of their child; but, most of all, everyone was confused. It was, at best, a whirlwind of ups and downs that, let’s be real, can’t just occur in isolation. So, from their trial to the custody battle, we have summarised the important details you need to know about Gisella Anastasia and Gading Marten’s shocking divorce.

Neither attended the divorce trial

The two were supposed to attend their divorce trial on December 5 at the District Court in Jakarta at which many had expected clearer details about the divorce. However, everyone was left surprised on the day of as neither of them attended the trial. The reason given for this is that because the two had been occupied with their own jobs.

It’s problematic

Although fans were left in the dark, Gisella’s lawyer Andreas Sapta Finady has declared the official reason for their divorce. The two were stated to have endured troubling personal conflicts that resulted in poor communication for the year-and-a-half. In one of Gading’s Instagram posts, he wrote: “It’s not easy and it’s not gonna be. We will always be good for Gempi. Pray for us.”

But they ended it on good terms

After all the rumours and speculation, Gisella and Gading decided to clear the air through a press conference at the Hotel Veranda in Jakarta. Both Gisella and Gading stated that there were never physical fights between them and that they ended it all on good terms.

Sealed privacy

Perhaps what took everyone by surprise the most about their divorce is the fact that Gisella picked Gading’s uncle Chris Salam to be her lawyer. Gisella’s personal lawyer, Andreas Sapta Finady, chimed in that Gisella picked him to better keep the issue private. It was also a gesture that this divorce has been agreed by both sides of the family.

What about Gempi?

After the news broke on the Internet, many fans were furious and concerned about the future of their adorable child, Gemita Noura Marten, or Gempi, even to the point that a hashtag, #SaveGempi, was trending on Twitter. If you’re among the concerned fans, then you can rest easy. Gisella stated at the couple’s press conferences that the two will raise Gempi together, but separately, although legally custody falls with Gisella.


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