Drizzling rain usually brings about an air of melancholy, and yet one Thursday night, dancing tunes rang out with the lively singing of melodies from all around the world, such as “Love Of My Life” and “Kopi Dangdut”, to name but a few.

Deddy Kusuma, Tusyana Suryadi, Albert Halim, Rina Salim, and Rudi Akili were just some of Jakarta’s crème de la crème spotted in the crowd and on stage. “Just like art, singing brings people together—especially with that fun factor when you’re accompanied by a live band,” said Deddy, “Music is the language that binds us as friends even though we might come from different backgrounds.” drizzling.


Joined together from the Ami Wilianto Group, shortened as AW, and the Gagah singing group, the members gather for weekly practices accompanied by a six-man band on a small raised stage, complete with delicious snacks and drinks to fuel it all. Turns are then rotated for solos, duos, trios, or even quartets to perform one or two of their favourite songs, and the rest will usually join in to sing, to clap, and sometimes to dance. “They are all busy people, but each one sets some time aside to come to practice week after week,” said Hans Huang, who sings and emcees for the group.

With everyone in the group living their life to the fullest, the happy virus also spread to their wives, like Jane Kusuma, who have taken to dancing while their husbands sing. Rudi, on the other hand, takes singing lessons outside to perform better at rock and roll or blues, with Queen and The Rolling Stones listed among his favourite bands. “Now that I have more time to spend outside business, I can enjoy this hobby to make others also happy,” he said.

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