Welcoming the new year is always a pleasure not only for what the new chapter has in store for us, but for its past memories as well. For a busy woman like Ayu Rosan, the holiday holds a special place in her heart for it is the perfect time to catch up with relatives and family, as well as to visit new holiday destinations.

With so many holiday memories behind her, we speak to Ayu Rosan, the sophisticated and poignant mother of three, and a wife to Rosan P. Roeslani, business mogul and KADIN’s new appointed Chairman, about her memorable holiday, New Year’s tradition and her resolutions for 2016!

What’s your favourite holiday spot?

We are an ocean-loving family, so our holiday spot should include spending endless time in the sea. In 2013, we had the chance to visit Labuan Bajo and let me tell you… that town is flawless! We spent days in the cruise where my husband went for diving and our kids swim for hours in the sea. We also went fishing and even made a plate full of Sashimi!

What islands you have always wanted to visit?

If we get the chance we would love to visit Bora Bora, Maldives and our own, Raja Ampat.

Speaking of holiday, what is one of your favorite holiday memories?

Last year we visited Europe without our extended family and relatives, and the experience itself was different. Moreover, during the holiday my husband got called for a work-related emergency and had to leave right on that day. We departed in Paris and went on with our plan to visit the United States. Imagine my three children and I running around in the airport the next day with our luggage in hands... it wasn't a pretty scene. However, we pulled through and managed to get into the plane amidst the panic and chaos.

Since we are new in 2016, tell us about your annual New Year’s Eve tradition?

New Year is a special occasion in our family, not only because it’s a festive get-together, but it also happens to be my husband’s birthday! The day calls for a double celebration and that’s why we always celebrated New Year with great enthusiast with family and friends. We don’t like over-the-top parties, our annual tradition is to get together with our families and enjoy each other’s company.

What about your favourite New Year's Eve memories?

I always welcome New Year with a positive mindset, hence why each year brings something different for me. However, one memory stood out from the rest of them. About two years ago, my dearest mother in law got admitted into the hospital and the distressing news brought the whole family together to stay by her side. We spent the holidays in the hospital for quite some time. The memory is heartbreaking, I admit, but it’s also a special one since it taught me that New Year isn’t just a mere festivity, it’s about the sense of togetherness as a family.

Any New Year’s Resolution?

My New Year’s resolution is to become better, whether it’s to become a better mother for my children, a better wife for my husband or to become a better human being all around.


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