From being a devoted UN ambassador to a talented entrepreneur, there seems to be nothing Nadya Hutagalung can’t do. From the outside, it can seem a little overwhelming to even be close to what she has achieved by now. Born to an Australian mother and an Indonesian father, the iconic woman has been nothing but extraordinary at everything she does.

For starters, she has been an environmentalist since a very young age. As she spent her childhood in the Australian countryside, she learned a lot about the values of nature and the importance for us to take care of it. “I am incredibly grateful to be where I am today, and I realised that we need to constantly reinvent our purpose [and] to take action when it really matters,” she says quoted from the video.

This upbringing led Nadya to a very positive and mindful life. She has become a very caring person, especially when it comes to nature. One of her latest environmental projects, of which she is the founder, “Let Elephants Be Elephants” aims to end the demand for ivory on the black market. “When we live and engage in balanced lives and work for the benefit of others, our own lives become much richer,” Nadya emphasises. “And this is my version of success.”

Amid the tight schedules and busyness, Nadya’s laptop has become one of the most important necessities in her life. Also, just like us, she needs a laptop that suits her style and can support her to get things done.

And because of that, she has remained loyal to HP Spectre 13 as her essential partner. Her HP Spectre 13 is elegantly designed in stunning Ceramic White metal and pale gold accents. It is the thinnest and lightest laptop from HP. And HP Spectre 13 also delivers fast performance experience and come equipped with the latest eight-generation Intel Core i7 processors, as well as memory that is up to 16GB and a 13-inch screen with 4K high resolution.  

Based in Singapore, Nadya lives with her family and built the nation-state’s very first eco-home made from scratch, which only cost as much as any regular semi-detached house. Watch the video above to see more about Nadya Hutagalung’s version of success!

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