What does it take to represent the world’s most luxurious skincare brand? For La Prairie’s General Manager - Distributor Markets Asia Niki Yuri Na, it all comes down to how well one represents the company’s four core values.

“Entrepreneurship, passion, care, and excellence,” recites the svelte businesswoman. “It’s rare to have ‘care’ as a company’s core value, but La Prairie is a very tight-knit family, both in Hong Kong and worldwide.”

Prior to joining La Prairie in 2015, Niki had been in the beauty industry for eight years. When asked about why she delved into this niche company, she reveals that it was the mystery that drew her in. She explains: “Unlike many, La Prairie doesn’t hire models or celebrities as the faces of its lines. Why would you need one if the skincare is the star of the show?”

In addition, La Prairie doesn’t define who the brand is for. Both women and men can enjoy the luxurious products and blissful treatments. “Just because men’s skin structures are different, it doesn’t mean we dictate which products can or can’t be used by them—it’s really about catering to individual needs,” emphasises Niki.

With her recent visit to the largest La Prairie boutique in the world right at the heart of Jakarta, Niki enthuses that Indonesia is one of the most important markets in Asia. While work takes her to exciting places, nothing compares to spending time with loved ones. “Travelling is in my blood,” laughs Niki. “But I really enjoy hosting barbecues for family and friends, surfing, or practicing yoga to stay grounded.”

When her life is mostly spent on the road, who knows where Niki’s work will take her next?

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