Leave it to JD.ID’s Stephanie Susilo to win over legendary fashion designer BIYAN. Entering its 33rd anniversary, Studio 133 BIYAN is finally launching its collection online, and who other than JD.ID’s Head of Category could make it come true?


As the Head of Category for Fashion, Sports and Lifestyle, Stephanie is well on her way to leading JD.ID as the number-one online fashion destination in Indonesia. Having had notable collaborations with famed designers such as IKAT by Didiet Maulana, it’s hard to believe that JD.ID has only started its Fashion category last February.

Driven to strive for the best since an early age, this Canadian-raised woman’s resume proves to the world the admirable grit she has. “My parents taught me the value of money from an early age, so even when I was 14, I already had a job,” reminisces the well-spoken woman. Endlessly transitioning from one job to another if only to gain more work experience, the self-proclaimed perfectionist finally found her passion in fashion while working as a stylist in Club Monaco in Canada. Finally, after a decade of living in Canada, Stephanie returned to Indonesia with a purpose that was set in stone.OGXL2221.JPG

Joining the Metro Department Store, the statuesque new graduate was plunged into the world of children’s fashion, an all-rounder category that had her handling clothes, accessories, shoes, and even underwear. While the position demanded more than she originally knew, it was a great learning experience that shaped her into the fierce inspirational figure we see today. Although she didn’t know it back then, her experience at Metro Department Store allowed her to develop the skills pivotal to the role she holds now.

It was in February 2017 when the psychology major moved to JD.ID—the same time the e-commerce’s Fashion category was born. The moment she stepped into the office, something shifted in the air, and ever since then, the game has never been the same for the company. A little over a year later, JD.ID’s Fashion category has sky-rocketed into becoming the highest-performing category on the website. Coincidence? Definitely not.

Reluctant to describe her role at JD.ID, Stephanie’s response rings true to the reality of start-ups. “In the entrepreneurial world, there is no such thing as ‘This is your one and only job’. We also don’t close our doors at 10 o’clock, so even when I’m at home you can find me reviewing data analytics,” she elaborates, underscoring a major difference between the conventional 9-to-5 mentality and life in the start-up world. 


If there was one thing that working at a digital company promised, it would be dynamism. Just like her colleagues, Stephanie doesn’t fall into a routine and says that every week brings a new challenge. When asked to describe the JD.ID team in three words, there is no hesitation in her voice: “Young, dynamic, aggressive,” she proudly claims, showing that while aggressiveness comes in all shapes and sizes, in Stephanie’s case, it’s also in poise.

 This story appears in the August 2018 issue of Indonesia Tatler. For the full story, grab the copy at your nearest newsstands, or subscribe here.

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