The Asian financial crisis had just come to an end a year previously and a new government had started to sprout in Indonesia. Agung Podomoro Land, as one of the older companies that survived the rocky period, started to develop a new vertical in high-rise buildings. Vice President Director Veri Y. Setiady, then a fresh graduate and energetic architect, was entrusted to lead the brand-new Menteng Executive Apartment. 

“The concept we had was ‘back to the city’ to socialise the convenience of living in an apartment,” Veri said. “People were not used to the idea of living in apartment.” The following success led him to grow with the company and to manage a diverse list of properties in Jakarta and Bali from apartments to hotels and malls—the latest as the CEO of Senayan City Jakarta. “When we open a shopping centre, people think that the opening phase is hard to do,” said Veri. “However, the maintenance phase is actually more challenging and more interesting in my opinion.”

As Senayan City turns 11 years old, the team must work hard in keeping the mall fresh and ahead of the trends by studying customer behaviours and habits. A way to do it, according to Veri, is by setting a new benchmark with world-class standard for the mall’s contents, activities, experiences and programmes. Veri plans for more luxury brands to come in and for a more vibrant dining concept to open in which the mall then turns into a trendsetting lifestyle hub.

“The fashion brand should be a crowd-puller and the reason why people come to Senayan City—as a flagship store with the latest concept, for example,” he explained. “With dining, we need to give a new experience because people come to a shopping centre not to just eat but to meet or hang out.”

This is where Delicae, Senayan City’s new all-day dining area that replaced its food court this May, comes in to utilise the mall’s strategic location, according to Veri.

To be more than just a food court, the area is designed for customers to meet, celebrate events, and so much more. “By upgrading Delicae, retailers realise that they also need to upgrade and improve,” he said. “Plenty of options inside are must-haves for the city dweller, plus several districts in the mall would open until late to accommodate their lifestyle.”

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