The countdown to our 16th anniversary Tatler Ball has officially started! We hope you are as excited as we are to meet and catch up with everybody over delicious food and fine wines.

As many of you will know, our annual gala is considered one of the most anticipated events of the year, and you're without a doubt expected to be dressed to your nines. However, looking good and making a respectable impression goes beyond just your dressing: how you carry yourself during the evening can undo even the most beautiful dress and well-tailored suit.

With that in mind, we have compiled some do's and don’ts for you to adhere to have a ball of a time. 


Regardless of your social popularity, letting the organisers know if you will or will not attend helps with their planning. Besides, you don’t want to show up unexpectedly and be squeezed into an already full table, right? At the same time, let organisers know your dietary restrictions so they have sufficient time to plan alternative menu options for you. 

DO be fashionably punctual

We all know that Jakarta’s traffic is unpredictable, but punctuality for sit-down events is always appreciated. Arriving 15 to 30 minutes late is acceptable, but unless you’re the guest of honour, do try to arrive in time for cocktails.

DO stick to the dress code

Make the effort to dress to theme, or at least dress up to the requisite formality. You don’t want to be that guest who showed up in an LBD for a black-tie ball. And better yet, take time to remind your plus-one of the dress code to avoid mutual wardrobe malfunctions.

DO stick to your allocated seats

Sociopolitical factors are carefully evaluated when drawing up seating plans. Guests will unsettle the social equilibrium by blatantly switching placards to sit at “better tables” or with friends—always to the chagrin of the organisers. Even if you’re somehow less than thrilled with your allocated dining companions, take heart: getting up to mingle throughout the night is acceptable and highly encouraged.

DO socialise

Yes, your Instagram followers know you’re at the Ball so you can put the phone down and socialise in person! Don’t be that guest who sulked through dinner because he or she wasn’t seated with friends. Social event is always a good time to get to know others outside your circle; you can start with the weather talk, the delightful event or the latest dining spot in town. But, we all know that a sincere compliment is the best ice-breaker.

DO enjoy the after-party

There is a reason why the dance floor and bar are open: it’s for you to have fun! You won’t overstay your welcome… unless you misbehave, of course.

DON'T be a critic

DON'T assume invites are transferable

No, you can’t let someone else take your place. No, you can’t bring a companion without first checking with the organisers. Yes, it’s always wise to check if you plan to bring someone the host knows but didn’t invite (there’s often good reason). No need for tension around the table, right?

DON'T mistreat the wait staff

Being difficult, rude, impatient or sarcastic to every waiter reflects more about your character than their poor service.

DON'T hog the event photographer

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but dragging the photographer away from his photo wall duties just to get a shot of you is a big NO. The photographer will surely take another pictures of you during the event, the night is still young.

DON'T embarrass yourself

Yes, the drinks may be free-flow but that’s no excuse to drink until you drop. Pace yourself for a long night, drink plenty of water and behave respectfully towards your hosts and other guests. Don’t be “that man” or “that woman”!

(Text by: MY Editors and Umesh Bhagchandani; Photo Credit: MY Tatler)

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