We all know of Farah Quinn as the spectacular celebrity chef she is. This passionate cook has achieved a lot in the kitchen, trying out new recipes from a young age. Farah, who has always had an undying love for food, took up culinary arts and successfully completed a degree in pastry arts at the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute. Farah has the best skills when it comes to experimenting in the kitchen and this beautiful chef is definitely a risk-taker! Indonesia Tatler caught up with the 38-year-old and asked for five of her favourite Indonesian dishes. Prepare to get inspired!

Nasi minyak palembang

Farah and her family come from Palembang, which is also known as food haven! One dish Farah grew up eating on every occasion was nasi minyak palembang. This particular dish is a Palembang favourite and is made of shallots, ginger, brown sugar, and more.

Soto ayam

Nothing beats a warm bowl of soto ayam and the celebrity chef agrees, saying: “You can’t go wrong with this tasty soup.” Soto ayam includes the best Indonesian spices, and Farah cooks this as an opening course for her family and friends whenever she’s abroad. Delicious!

Sambal tempoyak udang

Farah grew up helping out her mum in the kitchen: “My mum makes the best sambal tempoyak udang.” Ever since she was a little girl, this dish has been one of Farah’s ultimate favourites. Made out of fermented durian flesh, the TV personality agrees that this dish works best if you make it yourself.


“I first fell in love with the kitchen because my mum taught me how to make agar-agar when I was a 5-year-old.” We have to admit that agar-agar makes one of the best dessert dishes. Farah told us that this dish is something she mastered when she was a little girl and is also one of the main reasons she loves the kitchen.

Kue bay taat bengkulu

Growing up and having kue bay taat bengkulu on every special occasion, Farah completely adores this dessert, which is made of a great combination of fresh pineapple jam, coconut cream, and flour, all of which make it unique. Farah told us that kue bay is one recipe she has perfected since it has a full authentic flavour and a very moist texture.

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