Some 36 years after her first encounter with pop music in Germany, Indonesia’s rst diva-cum- living legend Vina Panduwinata is ready to quench the thirst of avid devotees with a string of evergreen hits in “September Ceria”, a solo concert to be held at Balai Sarbini on September 8. The 150-minute musical happening will be highlighted by unexpected surprises, while a wide selection of the diva’s top hits orchestrated in a well- crafted set list will ensure a dynamic ow of melodious music that will reverberate all through the evening. Vina Panduwinata shares the details with Indonesia Tatler.

You seem to be very fond of September. Are there specfic reasons for naming your concert “September Ceria” (“Merry September”), which is the same name of the concert you threw last year?
Yes, September became important to me as
there are quite a lot of things that connect and correlate me with my popular hit “September Ceria”. It’s up to the team to name a concert, but I can assure you that the show last year was smaller in size and the format was dissimilar as well.

How many songs will you present at the concert? How did you prepare the setlist?

More than 20 songs, among them “Di Dadaku Ada Kamu”, “Aku Masih Cinta”, “Cinta Biru”,

and perhaps “Burung Camar”. A well-crafted setlist could mean a lot in a concert and I leave it to the team. To the panel, I inform them about my objectives, what I want, and the nuances that have in uenced me in doing this concert.

Tell us about the artists who will collaborate with you on stage and the reasons for the choices.

We are now preparing for the working scenario, but I can name two young talents who have always on the list since our rst work. Ikmal Tobing and DJ Goeslan. There were quite a few considerations for the choices, but the main thing is that my vibes connect with the duo.

What are your objectives in doing this project? Are there specific targets?
What I want to achieve from giving a concert
is quite simple. I want
to give them, my avid fans, my dear friends, and the whole music community good, refreshing entertainment. Why so simple? Because to me, music is how it feels, certainly not what it claims to be!

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