Every party comes with a long list of things you should be doing and things you should totally avoid. With the 18th Indonesia Tatler Ball just around the corner, we’ve compiled a small list of rules that might just help you have the time of your life, because nobody likes a mayhem at a party, right?

Let’s start with the do’s:

Handle your drinkalcohol-bar-beer-1283219.jpg

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One thing nobody wants is a messy drinker falling everywhere. It’s a major party ruiner. Yes, a fun night may involve a drink or two, but it is best to control the amount you drink, and only drink how much you know you can handle.

Stick with the theme

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We have a theme for a reason (this year, it’s “Indonesia, Tanah Airku”) and one thing we want to see you all doing other than having the time of your lives is sticking to the theme. Whether it’s your gown, your little accessory, or anything else you have in store, sticking to the theme is a definitely party do.

Stay originaladolescent-adult-beautiful-618544.jpg

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Attending this prestigious event may give you the opportunity to meet people you haven’t met before and it’s time to get your social skills on—but keep it real. It’s better to stay original at all times than faking it.

Ladies first, always


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When it comes to queuing up for dinner or at the bar, always give the ladies the chance to go first. To all the men out there, this not only makes you decent, but it also makes you 10 times more attractive. So one major rule you should be sticking with tonight is: ladies first, always.

On the other hands, the don’ts:

Keep your nosy self at homeadult-beautiful-browsing-669005.jpg

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One thing we wouldn’t want is someone stumbling into another person’s personal life by bombarding them with a set of questions that they clearly won’t want to answer. Perhaps before asking someone something, take a minute or two to think how you would feel if someone hit you with the same question?

Don’t be lateaccessory-clothes-clothing-179909.jpg

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We know it’s Jakarta, but punctuality does count. The reason we’ve set a time for our guests to arrive is because of the rundown of events we have thoughtfully planned for you. Being late might just leave you out of a major event of the night. We don’t want that, now, do we?

Red carpet politenessadult-analogue-aperture-403495.jpg

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One thing you definitely want to do is to take pictures on our lavish red carpet, but so do all the other people. So make sure to not take your sweet time and make space for everyone, because we still remember that certain someone who hogged the entire red carpet just for themselves. Manners, please.

That’s all, folks. See you later!

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