To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia (YKPI) and Wanda House of Jewels create a collaborative campaign, which is also supported by Indonesia Tatler, bring together 18 "muses" from different professions who support this noble cause.

These celebrities and influential figures who are advocates and warriors in the fight against breast cancer, share with us their words of encouragement and inspirational quotes, to support all the breast cancer warriors and survivors.

Patty Kaunang

“When diagnosed, cancer is only a phase in life. It isn’t permanent. That’s all we need to keep remembering.”

Maura Kwik
(Socialite, Consultant)

“Breast cancer has left me with a huge scar. It sucks! It’s not fair!! Why me?!! But this scar isn’t purely physical. It also tells many stories. Stories of paralyzing fear, of excruciating pain, of being an incomplete woman. Stories of the transformation of my beliefs and myself. And finally the stories  of survival. The scar that I wear is a testimony to the war I waged.. War against breast cancer. And I won!"

Lauren Sulistiawati
(President Director Commonwealth Bank Indonesia)

“Health is one of the most important investments in our life. I encourage all women, especially the younger generation, to make conscious decisions to eat better, exercise regularly and live healthier lifestyles. It is our responsibility as women to educate other women on breast cancer prevention.”

Rina Salim

“It shouldn’t scare us. In fact, embrace it and believe that cancer isn’t here to stay."

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