[Photographer: Indra Leonardi, Stylist: Zhe Yamada, Make-up artist and hair: Bubah Alfian and Arnold Dominggus, Wardrobe: Priyo Oktaviano, Jewellery: The Palace] 

Keeping herself in shape amid all her activities is a prerequisite for Bunga Citra Lestari Sinclair, which is where the cutting-edge treatments at Blink Beauty Clinic come in. “After I gave birth, I realised that there are areas where fat cannot be eliminated by simply exercising and dieting,” Bunga said. “After I came here for a consultation, the doctors recommended CoolSculpting and SculpSure.” From a curious client who went because of her close friends’ glowing recommendations to today’s role as its ambassador, Bunga gladly shares how Blink Beauty’s treatments work wonders for her.

While CoolSculpting freezes the fats, SculpSure heats them up—all non-invasively and only requiring one or two sessions of around 30 minutes for each visit, resulting in a permanent reduction of unnecessary fat cells. Furthermore, the two treatments address different treatment areas with painless sessions and no downtime afterwards—Bunga can then return to her packed days easily. “This is why I agreed to represent the clinic when the team asked me to,” she says. “Time is hard to spare for me and the results here are self-evident.”

IMG_5641_PICOSURE_LASER.jpgBunga Citra Lestari on PicoSure laser at Blink Beauty Clinic

 All the treatments at Blink Beauty are safe and FDA approved, which is why Bunga routinely undergoes maintenance with PicoSure to eliminate pigmentation, as well as IPL Exilite for hair removal and Venus Legacy to tighten the upper arm skin—before an event, for example. To maintain all the good work Blink Beauty has done, Bunga also works out at least twice in a week by running for stamina and doing Pilates for flexibility, among many other benefits.

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[Photographer: Indra Leonardi, Stylist: Zhe Yamada, Make-up artist and hair: Bubah Alfian and Arnold Dominggus, Wardrobe: Priyo Oktaviano,  Jewellery: The Palace]

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