Annisa Larasati Pohan is thankful that she is able to give the best to Airaher nickname for daughter Almira Tunggadewi Yudhoyono. “But what about other children?” says Annisa. "Well, Aira inspires me to use my resources to bridge the gap between children like my daughter and those less fortunate than she is.”

Travelling far and wide and juggling a military wife's duties stationed in Tangerang, as well as charity work and work as a brand ambassador and as a spokesperson in Jakarta, Aira is still a high priority for Annisa. She tries to pick her daughter up from school each day and the long drive is time to chat or simply holds Aira’s hands as she naps.

From the proud moment when Aira overcame her fear of water at the age of 5 to being the strong swimmer she is now, Annisa has learned to be wiser, more patient, braver in facing her fears, to be open to new things and to be happy in the moment. Mani-pedis, playing in arcades and cooking are how the pair spends time together.

There are two keys to the positive relationship between Annisa and Aira. “It’s important to trust each other, so that Aira feels she can share any stories or worries with me—and I listen well," says Annisa. “Closeness is also important, although children get more and more shy when it comes to hugging or kissing as they grow up,” she laughs.

Photography by Benny Lim

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