Coreta Louise Kapoyos and daughter Bathari Agni Bayu are a talented pair supportive of each other. Coreta said that although Vita, Bathari's nickname, is a quiet child, she is smart and a perfectionist. Currently an 8th grader in Bina Nusantara School, Vita also has hidden talents in music and sports that makes her mother proud.

"After around only a month doing rifle practice, she joined a small-scale tournament and won third place," Coreta tells us. "I was so surprised after hearing this and it was nice knowing that Vita then got more offers to join other competitions."

The opposite is also true: Vita is, in turn, very proud of her enterprising mother. "She has a lot of businesses and activities, yet she still finds time for the family and shows support for all of us," says Vita. "Mum takes me to rifle practice and always encourages me to study well besides doing my hobbies."

The pair can be found browsing through bookstores or watching movies together during their spare time. "Vita usually picks the movie and I just follow along, as she keeps up with entertainment news," says Coreta fondly. 

Photography by Heri B. Heryanto

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