The first time we heard about you was from Ben Soebiakto. He told us that if he hadn’t met you, he would not know much about the digital world. How do you feel about that?

It’s the same feeling for me. If I didn’t know him, I probably would not have been able to build the business by myself.

How did you get into digital marketing?

I have a friend who’s a marketing manager with Nokia and he asked me whether I knew anything about digital marketing, and I replied that I didn’t. Then I realised what a huge market it was going to be, and so I decided to create Magnivate with Ben at that time.

What’s the story behind Bridestory?

I was planning my own wedding and I found it hard to find wedding vendors at that time. I realised that there was a huge potential or gap in the market that was unfulfilled. It’s a US$4.4 billion industry, with 21 million people looking for wedding vendors on Internet at that time, but they couldn’t easily find one.

We heard you have really interesting methods for employee motivation.

I always celebrate the good things that happen to the company together with them.

What are some hiring mistakes you’ve made and what did you learn from them?

We got some traction in the beginning, and that led me to hire fast so as to scale up fast, but, apparently, I didn’t think too much about the unit economics. That ended up as a lesson for me.

What does it take to build a great company in the eyes of Kevin Mintaraga?

Accountability, clear vision, and purpose.

What’s your morning ritual?

I always worship in the morning and I always make time to play with my kids.

As a seasoned entrepreneur who has built several successful companies, what are the three nuggets of wisdom that you are confident enough to share with other people?

Accountability, integrity, and teamwork. Integrity is important because if you are known to be someone with no integrity, how will people want to work with you?

What are the most influential books you’ve read?

Blue Ocean and the The Bible.

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