A true businessman, Richard tries to keep his look professional yet classy at the same time. During his free time, he loves to explore the world and discover new things, which makes his favourite LV piece the Pre-Fall reversible jacket, which is perfect for his travel and leisure. “The bomber jacket is casual, but it always has a cool factor, and is definitely a classic.”

Richard Muljadi, Director of PT Mulia Graha Abadi

As someone who is always on the go and has to appear stylish and professional in front of the television, Robert picked fashion pieces that are long lasting yet elegant. “I admire the consistency of LV and its commitment to produce masterpieces, not only in bags but also in apparel.”

Robert Harianto, News anchor, Metro TV presenter

Young and urbane Aston is usually on the go and almost never in one place in one day. The V Line backpack makes a lot of sense for him, as it makes it easy for him to carry his essentials, like laptop, power bank, documents, Acaia Lunar scale, coffees and more. “I think that the brand is just timeless. Always elegant, and therefore such an easy choice for me.”

Aston Utan, Barista, founder of Common Grounds Coffee Roastery

As an architect, Cosmas believes in the beauty and quality of art and design. He picked the Damier Infini bag, which is trendy but sharp. “I admire the unique but simple design, the quality of material and the meticulous workmanship. I chose this bag because it is simple and is the perfect size for me.”

Cosmas Gozali, Founder of Atelier Cosmas Gozali

Nicholas Saputra is always in between meetings and shootings for his new movie projects. He loves the durability of LV leather goods, which makes them great companions for his day-to-day activities. “I love this iconic leather bag. It is the perfect size for me, and it can carry all of my necessities when travelling or shooting out of town.”

Nicholas Saputra, Film actor

As a creative person, Alvin prefers something that is somewhat casual, but stylish and classy at the same time, just like his furniture designs. LV suits his style the most as it exudes elegance and class. “I admire the spirit of the brand as it seeks to be modern by collaborating with artists from different backgrounds, while at the same time still retaining its heritage values.”

Alvin Tjitrowirjo, Furniture designer, founder of Alvin T furniture

Reino travels frequently for his culinary businesses and for leisure. For him, the Taurillon exclusive leather bag more than provides for his needs for space and utility. “I believe in the brand. It provides assurance, quality, persistence and power.”

Reino Barack, Restaurateur, Sr VP in Business Development and CEO of MNC Shop