Photographer: Vicky Tanzil; Stylist: Lilian Ng; Make-up and hair: Barry Irawan and Ipank Septian; Wardrobe: Lanvin and Petit Bateau

One pre-teen, two toddlers, and a 3-month-old baby... One could only expect what went on during this month’s cover shoot. But despite the running around, general chaos, eating times, and (not to forget) several sneaky naps in between, Indonesia Tatler was part of a most thrilling day.

Sisters-in-law Annisa Pohan and Aliya Rajasa, along with their well-spoken children, Almira, Airlangga, Sakti, and baby Gaia, have been on a long journey of motherhood and have stuck together from the very beginning. Even though Annisa’s daughter, Almira, shares a big age gap with her little cousins, Airlangga, Sakti and Gaia, she is the big sister they have always wanted.

For the sisters-in-law, motherhood has been more than they could ever have expected it to be. To Aliya, motherhood has been the best, most challenging task she has ever had to undertake, but, at the same time, one that has given her the most joy.

“It definitely changes you as a person,” Aliya says. “But more so, it makes you realise that of all those things you used to do alone, you prefer spending your time with these little beings who make your heart so full.”

 Similarly, Annisa believes that with time going at the speed it does, Almira will soon grow up to be a young woman, and before she knows it, Almira will be off to college and then leading a life of her own. So she makes sure to spend every minute she can with her daughter. “It brings me more joy, it is so much more dynamic, it is a lot more challenging, but I choose to bask in this feeling of happiness every single second I spend with Almira,” Annisa admits.

Extremely similar in nature, Annisa and Aliya depend on one another when it comes to taking care of their children. With a lot more experience at hand, Aliya looks on to Annisa and Almira as examples for her children. “Having my boys look up to Kakak Almira as an example always works like magic!” Aliya notes.

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 [Photographer: Vicky Tanzil; Stylist: Lilian Ng; Make-up and hair: Barry Irawan and Ipank Septian; Wardrobe: Lanvin and Petit Bateau]

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