Dressed in a casual top, denim slacks and white sneakers, the fast-paced Dian Sastrowardoyo strides into the studio with her retro bob-cut hair down and messy, just the way she likes it.

With the opening of her newest culinary joint, MAM Jakarta, as well as her latest movie release, Kartini, and being a mother of two beautiful children, Dian Sastrowardoyo is truly a superwoman. And amid her packed professional and personal lives, Dian is also a gym junkie and a proactive runner who leads a well-balanced life.

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Despite mounting success, Dian is a down-to-earth girl at heart: she was raised with values that have shaped her into becoming the woman she is today. “My mother always taught me to be hard-working,” she tells Indonesia Tatler. “Whatever comes and goes in our lives, our main goal is to keep working hard for as long as we can because success is always earned not given.”

As it was, Dian grew up in a household of hard workers, so she believes in setting a good example to her children, Ishana and Shailendra. Even though her parents and in-laws lend a helping hand whenever she needs them to, she is always by their side, guiding and teaching them everything that needs to be taught at their age.

“The success of a mother is when you see your child grow up to be a functional social being, which means that your job in introducing the whole world to them was a success,” says Dian.

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(Text by: Maina A. Harjani; Photographer: Hakim Satriyonegoro; Stylist: Alva Susilo; Hair and make-up: Jasmine Lishava; Wardrobe: Dior)

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