Off in a quiet corner of one of Jakarta’s premium housing estates lies a semidetached house with spotless light-grey walls. As the front gate rolls away, a second identical house comes into view. It is here in this second house where Jakarta’s most glamorous parties will be held in the future. This is Rumah Dharmawangsa.

Ruby Rahardjo is the mastermind behind Jakarta’s newest “party house”: a landed property that can be rented out for events ranging from birthday parties to weddings. The past decade has seen a rise in people’s preference to hold parties at such properties. Party houses offer more flexibility than traditional events venues, while also providing a much more intimate environment.

While on the lookout for a new property, Ruby stumbled onto a pair of houses that were built on the same piece of land. Instead of leaving the second house empty, Ruby decided to turn it into a party house. While the finding of the property was a lucky coincidence, the savoir-faire required to host parties certainly is not.

It was in Jogjakarta where Ruby first honed her party-hosting skills. Thirteen years ago, along with her husband, Ruby came up with the idea for Ndalem Notoraharjan, which comprises several buildings in the style of traditional Javanese architecture. They stand on a 1.5-hectare piece of land and include living quarters, banquet halls and other facilities. The property was initially built as a centre for the preservation of Javanese culture.

Read more about how Ruby Rahardjo build the Dharmawangsa House in Indonesia Tatler September 2016 edition.

(Text by Kevin Sjahrial, photo by Donny A Leonardi)