Recently, Forbes Asia unveiled its 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 list and we spotted not one, not two, but 16 Indonesians who have made Indonesia proud with their achievements, be it in the technology, arts, financial, or entertainment industries. The common thread that we see is their passion in helping Indonesia’s development, as well as their vision in creating a better homeland for all of us. Let’s get to know these risk-takers and disruptive individuals that have been selected from more than 2,000 nominations across 24 countries in Asia.

 1.     Rich Brian

The 18-year-old musician Brian Immanuel (Rich Brian) is listed under two categories in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia, including the youngest successful individual in the arts and entertainment categories. Formerly known as Rich Chigga, it’s safe to say that the Indonesian-born musician is now at the top of the global music industry after his viral debut single “Dat $tick” in 2016. His creative ability to compose rap songs and delivery biting lyrics prove that being young doesn’t mean you’re inferior as long as you have the skills and passion to pursue what you love.

2.     Yohanes Sugihtonugroho dan Muhamad Risyad Ganis


(left)Yohanes Sugihtonugroho & Muhamad Risyad Ganis. Photo: Courtesy of Crowde

Crowde was started by Yohanes and Muhammad with the desire to help poor farmers who had lost their profits due to profiteering by loan sharks. Through Crowde, Indonesian farmers could receive loans from people who put up their money as investment on the Crowde platform. In this way, farmers could enjoy transparency and easy loan access without relying on loan sharks. Listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia in the Finance and Venture Capital category, Yohanes and Muhamad led by example and surely made the country, and its farmers, proud!

3.     Reynold Wijaya and Iwan Kurniawan

(left)Iwan Kurniawan with Reynold Wijaya. Photo: Courtesy of Modalku

It all started overseas with their love of Indonesia: Reynold and Iwan co-founded Modalku with the desire to help SME owners improve their business through a crowdfunding platform. Reynold and Iwan then decided to return to Indonesia and commit themselves to helping the unserved population in Indonesia that need loans to get their business to the next level. Currently, Modalku operates in three Southeast Asian countries, and is known as Funding Societies in Singapore and Malaysia. Listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia, the duo humbly credited their achievements through their team’s hard work. After recent successful series B funding, we are looking forward to what they will come up next in the peer-to-peer lending arena in Southeast Asia and beyond.

 4.     Rorian Pratyaksa

Photo: Courtesy of Angelist

As the Chief Business Development Officer of PayAccess, Rorian is determined to change the payment landscape in Indonesia—most of the population still does not use mobile payments for daily transactions. Rorian set up PayAccess with his business partner Hendro Santoso as CEO and he is determined to further introduce and implement fintech to the Indonesian population. PayAccess allows people to perform transactions using their smartphones for any types of payment, from online to offline, along with in-app digital payments. With more than US$13 million in series A funding, PayAccess aims to grow bigger by increasing accessibility to all types of non-cash transactions and encouraging the younger generation as agents of change in Indonesia.

 5.     Adrian Christopher Agus and Eugenie Patricia Agus

(left)Adrian Christopher Agus & Eugenie Patricia Agus. Photo: Courtesy of Forbes

For brother and sister duo Adrian and Eugenie, it all started with their father’s hobby of creating delicious puddings. That hobby got the siblings to think of ways to grow it as a business. Who would ever have imagined that Puyo Desserts would grow into a huge business with more than 18 outlets across Indonesia? This dynamic duo is listed on Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia this year, proving that a simple dessert concoction can make a big impact in the global arena. With its perfectly silky texture and beautiful pastel colour making it an Instagrammable success, it seems that Adrian and Eugenie will continue to improve their dessert empire, as seen by constant innovation in their sweet offerings.

6.     Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi is a name known by many Indonesians for bringing rainbows of colour to traditional Muslim garments in the country. Dian not only painted a splash of new colour onto Muslim fashion wear, but she has also created a new image for Muslim women—one that is fun and which dares to explore a sense of style. With more than 14 stores, 500 employees and some 2 million followers on Instagram, Dian has become a symbol for Muslim women who have made it big with her sense of creativity and desire to push the boundaries. With her being listen in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia, Dian’s impact will now reach an even wider audience on a global platform.

7.     Talita Setyadi

We recently listed Talita in our up-and-coming F&B owners in Indonesia and her being listed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list means we chose right. Talita Setyadi is a classic example of someone who dared to chase her dreams despite a rough start. Even though she graduated with a different degree to what she’s doing right now, Talita made the bold decision to pursue baking, and, as a result, BEAU by Talita Setyadi was born. The upmarket bakery is now known for serving delicious French pastries that use natural ingredients sourced locally from Indonesia. Through BEAU, Talita distributes her delicious baked goods to hundreds of cafés, restaurants, and hotels in Jakarta. Talita’s initiatives will not only improve the standards of baking in Indonesia, but also empower people to go after their dreams even if they didn’t necessarily have the “right” education.


 8.     Jeff Hendrata and Andrew Tanner

(from left to right)Jeff Hendrata,Andrew Tanner & Tjokro Wimantara. Photo: Courtesy of Karta

Karta was born out of creative thinking by Jeff and Andrew who thought of a moving advertisement board placed on the back of motorcycles back in 2016. Who would have ever thought that motorcycles would be such a great medium for advertisements? Thankfully, Jeff and Andrew did, and now large corporations like Unilever and P&G have utilised this ingenious advertising method. It seems like the magic worked as Jeff and Andrew expanded Karta in more than 15 big cities across Indonesia and got listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia.

9.     Stanislaus Tandelilin

Photo: Courtesy of Forbes

As one of the co-founders of, Stanislaus Tandelilin now acts as the Director of Human Resources. He has successfully built an online platform providing easy mobile access that will enable the middle-class to the less wealthy among the population to get their hands on good-quality clothing. He established a chat-based customer service centre based on artificial intelligence (AI), which successfully delivered more than 2 million parcels all over Indonesia and which allows cash on delivery to more than 7,000 cities. As provides consistent low pricing and utilises AI to manage purchases and supply chain processes, it recently received US$27 million in series B funding that will enable it to expand overseas. Listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia this year, let’s hope that Stanislaus will continue to make Indonesia proud with his remarkable achievements.

 10. Fransiska Hadiwidjana

Photo: Courtesy of Prelo

Fransiska is the innovative CEO of Prelo, a platform that started out as an e-commerce marketplace for pre-loved items. Prelo has since expanded its wings and helped develop services that enable people to entrust others to buy items when they’re travelling overseas, and which allows the rental of items, too. Other than Prelo, Fransiska is also the brains behind AugMI Labs (Augmented Medical Intelligence Laboratories): a start-up based in Silicon Valley that’s set to accelerate and increase the usage of the telemedicine market. It has successfully developed signature products like the glove tricorder, which is able to quantify patients’ health and calculate risk algorithms based on collected data. It is no wonder Fransiska got in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list as she is an inspirational and bold individual who has revolutionised the e-commerce and medical industries both in Indonesia and Silicon Valley.


   11. Marshall Utoyo dan Krishnan Menon

(left) Marshall Utoyo & Krishnan Menon. Photo: Courtesy of Forbes

Marshall and Krishnan partnered up and pooled their knowledge in e-commerce and furniture design to create Fabelio. The online and offline platform started selling furniture back in 2015, and, as an Indonesian company, Marshall and Krishnan are committed to sourcing furniture from local craftsmen and factories to create original designs and good-quality products with affordable price tags. Now the duo is set to expand their services, which will include interior design and product trials that customers can try in the comfort of their own homes. Proudly listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia this year, Marshall and Krishnan are truly the wizards of the furniture industry.

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