We are unveiling the 300 honourees on the Gen.T List 2021 over two weeks, releasing all the names from one country or territory every few days. We've already revealed the honourees from Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and Mainland China. Next up is Indonesia

The 23 young leaders from Indonesia selected for the Gen.T List 2021 represent the future. They are the successful entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives we believe are the Leaders of Tomorrow. Click the button below to see who they are and read their profiles. 



Angga Sasongko, founder and CEO of Visinema Pictures and 2021 Gen.T honouree


Karen.jpgKaren Carlotta, Owner And Pastry Chef, Union Group And Amkc Private Dining


Nadine.jpgNadine Chandrawinata, Actor And Founder, Sea Soldier


David.jpgDavid Christian, Co-founder, Evo & Co


Oktoviano.jpgOktoviano Gandhi, Co-founder, Alva Energi


Kathleen.jpgKathleen Gondoutomo, Founder And Ceo, H! Cups


Melvin.jpgMelvin Hade, Partner, Southeast Asia, Global Founders Capital


Budi.jpgBudi Handoko, Co-founder And Coo, Shipper


Joshua.jpgJoshua Irwandi, Documentary Photographer


Anthony.jpgAnthony Kosasih, Coo, Mekari


Hendra.jpgHendra Kwik, Co-founder And Ceo, Payfazz


Grady.jpgGrady Laksmono, Co-founder And Ceo, Moka


Moses.jpgMoses Lo, Founder And Ceo, Xendit


Debryna.jpgDebryna Dewi Lumanauw, Medical Doctor


Liris.jpgLiris Maduningtyas, Ceo, Jala Tech


Brian.jpgBrian Marshal, Founder And Ceo, Sirclo


Tomy.jpgTommy Martin, Co-founder And Coo, Qoala


Windy.jpgWindy Natriavi, Founder And Chief Ladyboss, Womenworks 


Adi.jpgAdi Reza Nugroho, Co-founder And Ceo, Mycl


Shinta.jpgShinta Nurfauzia, Co-founder And Ceo, Lemonilo


Agita.jpgAgita Pasaribu, Founder And Executive Director, Bullyid Indonesia


Guillem.jpgGuillem Segarra, Ceo, Happyfresh


Marshall.jpgMarshall Tegar Utoyo, Co-founder And Ceo, Fabelio


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