When asked who Mike Lewis is, the first answer that usually comes up is: “That very-good-looking Caucasian actor/model.” But beneath the tailored suits and behind that signature charming smile and those big brown eyes is so much more than just your typical model.

Aside from photo shoots and filming, Mike’s calendar is filled with a slew of other entrepreneurial endeavours. Mike is the co-owner of Midtown Bistro & Lounge. Mike can often be spotted helping out at his own restaurant, much to the delight of the diners. Mike—with the help of some friends—extends his reach across the culinary world with two other establishments: Waku Waku and the newly opened Gyoza Bar.

Despite all the hustling in Indonesia, Mike still manages to find time to take on a part-time position at an overseas estate-planning firm. He currently holds the position of Business Development Executive at R.E. Lee International’s office in Singapore and takes a biweekly trip to Singapore to fulfill his role at the company. Mike rounds off his already impressive list of credentials with a little secret: he is currently working on a mobile app too.

It’s hard to believe that Mike is able to find time for any other activities in between work. But he does. Being the public figure that he is, Mike understands that his influence can be used to do good.

“I believe that it is my social responsibility as an artist and a public figure to use whatever I have to do good in this world. I feel like if I lead, others will follow,” he said. “Hopefully, that’s a power that I have.”

And follow they did. Approximately 10,000 volunteers showed up to Clean Up Jakarta Day 2015 last October.

Mike is involved in a number of charity campaigns, the most recent being a campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer. While Mike will say yes to just about any charity he can help with, this one hits closer to home. A friend of his was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, it was detected in the early stages and a full recovery was made. Mike strongly believes that education and alleviating the fear of cancer are of utmost importance. Even though treatments are available, a lot of the public are still afraid and choose not to find out more about the condition and its available treatments.

By sheer will and dedication, Mike finds time in his airtight schedule for the one activity that brings him the most joy and pride: spending time with his son. Whatever image one had of him from before dissipated as the masses were introduced to Mike Lewis: father of one.

Fatherhood has changed Mike drastically. While he used to live on a day-to-day basis with little long-term planning, there is now someone whose future depends entirely on him. Mike finds himself to be on his best behaviour a lot more of the time now as his young son will be looking to him for guidance.

Mike is set on smashing the stereotype of busy single fathers who have little to no time for their children. He strongly believes in fathers being fully involved in raising their children. He takes pride in being able to raise the expectations mothers have of their partners when it comes to raising their children.

While none of us can ever achieve a smile that charming, eyes that warm, we can certainly take a page out of the book of Mike’s unrelenting work ethics and unyielding love for the things that mean the most in our lives.

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