Balancing Act

Facing life with a positive attitude, with a successful career under her belt, and being a master in dividing time between her spouse and children along with giving back to the world… These are the qualities that make Rosa Rai Djalal the fascinating person that she is today. Rosa is mother to Alexa Saraswati Djalal, Keanu Dwibuana Djalal and Chloe Ramadhanya Djalal. 

As regards Hari Ibu, Rosa believes that children are the root of future successes and she hopes that every mother will realise the need to instill positive qualities in their children. “Children are God’s greatest blessing and His trust bestowed upon us; therefore, loving them unconditionally is our first priority,” she says. On Hari Ibu, her three children usually each give her a letter to express their love and gratitude towards her. 

Rosa is grateful that her children are brilliant academically, and also in the arts and in sports. “They are not afraid to face whatever life has in store for them, and they take on everything with much gratitude and faith,” she says with pride.


Three's Company

Standing side by side, Zhanar Sukhan and her two daughters, Aigerim and Aidana, appear more like siblings than a mother with two young children. Indeed, the sister-like bond is immediately evident as familiar laughter peppers the conversation and the three women affectionately finish each other’s sentences. 

“My mother is always there for me. We can talk to her about everything, from school to boy troubles,” reveals Zhanar’s oldest daughter, Aigerim, with a shy giggle. “I am thankful to have such beautiful children. I try to support them in every aspect of their lives, but I am still a mother when I need to be,” adds Zhanar. “I can be their friend, but I do not hesitate to discipline them when need be.”

As her oldest daughter leaves for college, Zhanar makes every effort to spend quality time with all of them. “As we get older, we might not have as many opportunities to spend time with our loved ones. Now, I cherish every moment with them,” she concludes.


Little Muses

Eloquent and vibrant, Rany Moran walks into the penthouse suite of the Dharmawangsa with a spring in her step and an alluring smile on her face, warmly greeting every guest she comes across. The young mother’s warmth is infectious, and her presence lights up any room she enters. As business calls start pouring in, Rany juggles her business affairs with caring for her young sons, maintaining the same warmth and positive outlook with remarkable poise. 

“My two sons, Nicholas and Christopher, are an inspiration to us,” shares the mother with a proud smile. “They teach me to be patient and to be wise. They inspired me so much that we’ve developed a concept for a family entertainment centre.” With her two little gentlemen at her side, she adds, “Sometimes after a long day of work, I come home to my sons’ laughter, and I think of how lucky we are to have them.”


Pure Love

As Hari Ibu approaches, Rani Anggraini says she believes that her relationship with her daughter, Amanda Hafidza, is very close, and she always tries to treat her daughter as a friend so that Amanda can always be more open about her life. Rani says that her approach to parenting “may be considered lenient” as she makes it a point to never scold her daughter harshly. 

“I learned a lot from being a mother; my daughter was born with a weak heart, so I had to gather myself together and care for her—and after she was 5 months old, the doctor told me that she was perfectly healthy,” Rani says. “I realised that I need to be a strong mother who will be able to fight for my children’s wellbeing.” When asked about what qualities make a good mother, Rani answers: “A good mother is someone who can understand her children’s needs and passions, and supporting them all the while.”


 The Followers

Liestyana Gusman and her lovely girls, Andari—who currently works at Deloitte Consulting—and Anjani—a student at British International School—are more like friends than anything else. Liestyana tells us that she has instilled in her children the quality of patience in doing what they love to do in order to reap the benefits and goodness that come out of it. Anjani has just recently developed a passion for baking and would like to bake something special for her mother on Hari Ibu. She adds that even though her mother gave her and her sister a taste of freedom, because of the values that have been inspired in them, they know how to tell the difference between right and wrong.

“As they grow up, I consistently instill values by setting an example, especially where positivity is concerned. I have always believed that children will remember things best only when words are put into actions,” Liestyana says. Both the girls agree that their mother is the one person with whom they are able to share absolutely anything. 


 Independent Spirit

Currently a full-time mum, Vilichea Sadikin Satryaguna believes that her son’s happiness is the only thing that matters for her. After giving birth, Vilichea decided to dedicate all her time to her baby boy, Russell Radzan Satryaguna. She says that being a full-time mum is her way of creating a stronger connection with her baby.

“I think you have to be able to be flexible to be a mother,” she tells us. “It is definitely not an easy job to do. You have to understand your baby’s character to understand their needs. I try to create a fixed schedule for Russell as he seems to enjoy routines and be more happy with them. He likes it when things are done according to his needs.”

“That said, I would say that I am quite a strict mum regarding his schedules, as I find it essential. But the most important thing is always Russell’s happiness. What I want for him is to grow up to be his own character; I don’t want him to feel under pressure because of our demands as parents,” she shares.


Active Mother

Walking by his mum’s side, the cute Amansa immediately greeted us and gave us a “salim”, which is a traditional Indonesian way of greeting respected elders. He then introduced himself in his adorable and friendly tone of voice. “Honestly speaking, as a new mum, I am currently still finding out what needs to be done and what shouldn’t be done as a mother,” says Azima Rajasa Wardhana.

“There was a time when I was still struggling with breastfeeding Mansa,” she adds. “My whole body ached, but every time I held Mansa, I instantly felt better. I exclusively breastfed him for six months and continue to breastfeed now. Mansa is very active and he doesn’t like routines, so I try to be flexible and create a fun environment for him so that he can grow and learn at his own speed,” says the beautiful mum.

Sweet and graceful, Azima just celebrated her son’s first birthday. As a new mum, Azima says she is grateful and happy to have a smart and healthy baby boy like Amansa. She believes that all of the hardships of labour were paid off when she held her son for the first time in her arms.

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