Who says that what started as a set-up date couldn’t blossom into true love? Hendry Tan and Imelda Wijaya were introduced by their parents, who had been friends for a long time. What started with a casual meeting turned into a full-on love affair and was followed later with a beautiful marriage.

“I find that Hendry is a little old fashioned, but in a good way,” says Imelda. “He is responsible and always sticks to his word— that’s what I like about him. Even if our first date was set up, we fell in love and we respect each other.”

Adds Hendry: “We highly value trust in our relationship, and thus we are always honest and open with each other. We try to maintain equality in our marriage by consulting each other on every decision, so neither of us is trying to control the other one, or be more dominant.”

The couple admits that with respect
and communication there won’t be many adjustments to make, as they say: “We like each other as we are.” With the same belief and vision to build a family that serves God, this young couple trusts that their marriage will grow and that their relationship will become even more solid each year.

“We are working towards the same goal
in life,” says Hendry. “My wife is my biggest supporter when it comes to my career and family life. When I share some of my work problems with her, she comes up with a solution that I maybe wouldn’t have thought of.” Meanwhile, Imelda says: “My husband has a huge vision of who he will become and I support him completely.”


Photo credits: Indogosix


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