Juliana Kumala and Ryan Tjahjana met during a trip to Bali to celebrate a mutual friend’s wedding after they had just returned from college. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Washington, while Juliana graduated from Babson College in Massachusetts in the US. What started off as a friendship eventually turned into a relationship a year later before the couple officially tied the knot last year.

Although they feel like they have less time for each other now because their careers are flourishing, the two are fond of travelling and exploring new cities, while at the same time, they also enjoy each other’s company at home simply watching movies and TV.

Juliana believes that her long-term goal with Ryan is to have a loving marriage, for them to be good parents, and to continue working hard. She is firm in the belief that everything in life needs to be balanced.

To end our lovely afternoon together, Juliana tells Indonesia Tatler about what she thinks are some of the most important aspects of maintaining a good and healthy relationship.

“I think, most importantly, the thing is to remain best friends and keep a lighthearted attitude towards one another,” she says. “Of course, we have to respect each other’s differences in opinions and stay compassionate towards one another. We think it’s also important to not take each other for granted and to remind each other how lucky we are to have one another,” she concludes.


Photo credits: Indra Leonardi

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