A mutual friend acted as cupid for the lovely Miranthy Hakim and her loving husband Dion Soetadi. The couple, recently been blessed with a baby boy, complement each other in uncountable ways. Driven by their passion and love for everything and everyone dear to their hearts, Miranthy and Dion are definitely a career- and family-oriented couple.

For them, relationships and marriage mean giving, loving, caring for and prioritising each other over self-interest. A simple example illustrates this perfectly: Dion ensures that Miranthy feels special at all times and Miranthy ensures that Dion has a good meal and a comfortable home to return to every day after work.

“We believe that if we stay true to our principles, we will be ready with wherever life throws at us, good or bad,” Miranthy says.

Meanwhile, Dion admits that his biggest influence has been Miranthy, mostly through her actions rather than her words.

“She is very entrepreneurial in nature,” he tells us. “She is totally dedicated towards the things that really matter, such as being a mother and wife. I feel I have become more mature and well-rounded because of this. More importantly, her love makes me consciously want to do better every day as a husband and a father. I’m very grateful to have her in my life and I hope I can be the husband that she deserves,” he concludes. 


Photo credits: Agung Wibowo

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