After dating for 13 years, cute couple Steven Yoe and Michele Vanesa Widjoyo finally tied the knot with a grand wedding in Semarang last October. They met each other when they were just 14 at Maria Mediatrix Junior High in Semarang and later pursued the same major in Business Management at MRIT University in Melbourne until they graduated five years ago.

“We were each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend and hopefully the last,” Michele smiles. “After I graduated, I was proposed to traditionally and we got married last year,” she adds.

“I like that Michelle is smart, and she brings out the best of me,” says Steven, who is currently busy with his family business—a car financing company.

“She always supports and motivates me even when I’m at my worst. She also gives me advice on how to manage our money, which she knows I’m not very good at.”

Adds Michelle: “Trust is a very important thing in a relationship. You have to learn to trust your partner and love them unconditionally for who they truly are.

We both believe that a strong relationship is more than just the kisses and the dates: it’s about accepting each other’s flaws and imperfections; it’s about being yourself and finding happiness together; it’s about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship when there are no fights. Love really means that when a fight ends, there is still love,” she concludes. 

Photo credits: Davy Linggar

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