The lovely Tjut Faranissa Bachrumsyah and her beau, Dr Muhammad Hadianto Wirajuda, were introduced to each other during their college years in 2012. With more similarities than differences, Nissa and Ian, the names they go by, grew fonder of each other as the days, weeks and months passed by.

Ian is a drummer, while Nissa is a professional bass player. The couple tells us that they used to spend a lot of their time watching movies, dining out at Chinese restaurants, and indulging in crepes at Hampstead during time spent in the UK. The couple finally tied the knot in August 2015 and the two are currently expecting their first baby.

With a PhD from the London School of Economics, Ian takes pride in the fact that his lovely wife places education, along with character-building, at the forefront of their children’s future. Ian is a civil servant and while Nissa is currently focusing her energies on a state-owned enterprise working on infrastructure funding. But deep down, she hopes to be part of the culinary world some day. To end our lovely chat, Indonesia Tatler asked the couple to define the key to a healthy relationship, and they both agreed that communication is the most important factor.

“We have different perspectives, we have arguments with each other, we fight—these are all normal in life. But the key point is you cannot let your anger or differences drag on overnight,” said Nissa. 


Photo credits: Rian Hamzah

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