Power couple Antonio Prawira and Airyn Tanu go way back to 2000 when they both studied computer systems engineering at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. They started off in university as friends and often attended the same study groups. After graduating in 2003, the dynamic duo moved back to Indonesia and decided to become business partners.

As it turned out, 2004 was a great year for both as it was when Passion Jewelry was founded and was also the year Antonio and Airyn became life partners. Antonio stated that: “We adjust, we compromise, we meet in the middle, and we accept our strengths and weaknesses.”

Airyn added: “As business partners, we also feel that we are compatible because we are able to divide responsibilities even with the differences in our opinions—these differences complete our business and relationship.” As busy entrepreneurs who are always on the go and as a mum and dad partnership, Airyn and Antonio make sure to keep their weekends free for their two lovely boys.

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