Who doesn't know Raisa? The pretty and talented young Indonesian singer has gained massive praise among music lovers ever since she launched her first album in 2011. Not only musically gifted, she has also recently ventured into acting, starring in her first film Terjebak Nostalgia ("Trapped in Nostalgia"), which has been playing in theatres since February 11. The film focuses on love and the meaning of loneliness, so we thought we'd ask her about her own thoughts on love and romance.

What would be the perfect way to celebrate this month-of-love with the one you love?

Cooking at home! It's private and fun, and also great quality time, and economical too!

How do you balance your priorities, such as your relationship, your work, time for yourself and other things you care about?

Right now, my priority is my career; everything else has to be dealt with using a "quality over quantity" approach. But I make sure that I'm present, in body, mind and heart, whenever I have time for my loved ones.

What are your secrets to a happy relationship and what makes a relationship successful?

Communication, fun, lightness, commitment and hard work!

What do you do together with your partner to keep the romance alive?

Unexpected and fun stuff, or re-doing things we both enjoyed before.

Do you have any dating advice for couples out there?

Love yourself first!

Is there something that you've dreamed of doing for long time with your loved ones?

Backpacking across Europe! Maybe when I'm married later [laughs].

Photo courtesy: Raisa

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