What are your favourite indulgences?

Travelling, cooking, being pampered in a spa… These are the few things that I enjoy the most. I also love spending time relaxing and chilling by the beach, as well as water sports, snorkelling and diving. 


What do you consider as your most valuable possessions?

My career at this moment, plus my family and friends.  


When are you happiest?

When I can share with others, and give concrete and meaningful contributions to other people.


In terms of fashion, what is your personal style?

Feminine, elegant and classy. I love Chanel, Hermès, Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Biyan. 


What do you consider your must-carry items?

My lip balm and body lotion. Here in Indonesia, the weather and pollution are quite extreme, so we have to be extra careful to protect our skin and lips.  


What are the must-have items in your wardrobe?

Hats, boots and winter coats.


What does “fashion” mean to you?

For me, fashion is how we express our character through our looks and appearance.


What is your fashion motto?

Elegance is a woman’s strength.


You’re a smart, beautiful and confident young woman. What is your secret? Do you have any tips for other young ladies in Indonesia?

You have to be brave and daring in three aspects of your life: choice, challenge and change. You have to be able to focus on and decide your life’s direction. Face the challenges of life, because difficulties and failures are learning processes when it comes to survival. Have faith that your hard work will pay off. Life is about the experience, so just enjoy the show!