Rumour Mill, a monthly column on, brings you the juiciest buzz of our esteemed socialites. Truth or fiction? You decide.

Royal Affair

At the state palace, a cabinet minister fumbled through her handbag. A governor approached with his index finger pointing, and she countered with a clenched fist. Nothing serious: just a lady looking for some tissues and a governor who assumed she was looking for a cigarette.

Off the Job

A wealthy heir on a job training programme at a five-star establishment spent some of his days off treating friends in an exclusive club on the hotel’s premises. The next day, he was kicked out. Money doesn’t command respect.

Pricey Advice

A doctor sat among schoolmates at a high-school reunion. A man to his right questioned him about a number of health and fitness topics, and he responded correctly. “Should I charge him for the advice?” he whispered to a man sitting on his left side. “Yes,” answered the chap. The next day the man received his bill.

(Photo Credit: Pexels)

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