Rumour Mill, a monthly column on, brings you the juiciest buzz of our esteemed socialites. Truth or fiction? You decide.

Le Grand Coiffure

A gentleman sitting behind a buxom female sporting an elaborate hairdo at a charity dinner felt peeved all night long. Not only because the grand coiffure blocked his view of the stage; a fortnight before, the same lady also beat him at an art auction.

Meme, Myself and I

The digital age has seen memes take of—the latest local selfie trend is a celebrity hairstyle meme that has become the talk of the town and its many devices.

Coiffure Obscures

An elderly lady attending a haute couture fund-raising gala felt uneasy all through the soiree. Why? across the round table from her seat sat a foxy lady with an extra-high coifure, blocking her view of the catwalk.

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