Sabrina Joseph has the kind of charm that turns heads wherever she goes. Sporting torn skinny jeans and a simple black T combined with a classic Cartier eternity bracelet, some trinkets and Chanel loafers, Sabrina looks the part even in her most casual wear. She loves to mix and match and create her own look, and even dared to deck out her black Kelly bag with a graffiti painting created by an artist friend.

 Sabrina’s style is definitely avant-garde and never fails to make a lasting impression. “I’m not always fashionable,” she admits. “I never want to become a ‘fashoin victim’. I will wear anything as long as I can carry out my daily activities in it and live life normally while being stylish.”

 Just like her mother, Imelda Joseph, Sabrina is alwayas able to pull off the look she wants, be it a sexy ball gown or a simple white shirt and jeans. “ I don’t really wear a lot of colours – most of my wardrobe is packed with monochromatic pieces and I don’t do patterns. I think it’s not what you wear that should put you under the spotlight, but who you are as a person,” she tells Indonesia Tatler.

 “ But I do like to splurge on my white shirts,” she adds. “A good-quality white shirt can be worn anywhere and for any occasion, from a casual get-together to a party or even to church, depending on how you wear it and how you accesorise. It is always a good investment,” says the young lady, who is a cofounder of the Catholic Fellowship Jakarta. After graduating in hospitality from Glion University in Switzerland, Sabrina dreamed of working in service industry. However, her passion led her down a different path. Her love for both fashion and shopping saw her come up with the idea of starting an online business,, which is a luxury e-commerce site for pre-loved luxury item.

 “The idea came to me when I was out shopping with my friends, who are now my partners in the business. As usual after a shopping spree, we were regretting some impulse buys that we had made earlier in the day, and thought : wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform on which we could easily get rid of out non returnable buys, and old shoes and bags ? We tried hard to think of a locally established online platform that would cater to these needs and realised there wasn’t one.

For the lower-end market, you have Zalora; for cars, you have Mobil123. But for secondhand luxury goods, there was none. With this idea, we started to create our own site, which we called Hunt Street. It is basically an online platform where any visitor can conviniently buy, sell, or trade their pre-loved luxury bags, shoes, and accessories. We carry more than 150 different luxury brands at discounts of up to 90 per cent off their retail price,” says Sabrina.

 “After starting my own business, I realised that it is definitely not easy to create a profitable company, so I salute all those bussiness people who achieve success at an early age. Currently, one of our biggest challenges is changing the attitude that Indonesians have towards shopping for luxury goods online. Many people still prefer buying from brick and mortar retail stores. With Hunt Street, we aim to change this culture by ensuring a branded user-friendly online experience, secure payment methods, guaranteed authenticity, as well as fast and efficient shipping, “ says Sabrina, who now wishes to take her business nationwide. Through her work, she hopes to able to transfrom the traditional Indonesian fashion landscape to create a more accessible, efficient and convenient marketplace.



 A perfect team leader, Sabrina never considers anything she achieves as her own accomplishment; she believes in the hard work of her team. “No one will ever successfully accomplish things alone. We are only as good as our team. I now know that the greatest things that have happened in my life are usually out of my control,” she says.

 “Success is a bit abstract; it is not about being better than others, because everyone is different and because you need people to succeed. I believe that success is when you are better today than you were yesterday. It is about defeating your own weaknesses and being in full control of yourself.”

 Travelling and discovering everything that the world has to offer is another passion that Sabrina wants to explore. One of her New Year’s resolutions was to travel more, if possible, to places she’s never been before. Learning about different cultures and meeting new people are her goals to develop a different view of life.

 Adventurous and daring, her list of dream destinations include Cuba, Pyongyang, and a detox centre in New Zealand. Sabrina believes in seredipity; that the most extraordinary things happen unexpectedly and unplanned.

 “Life is a journey. There will always be something beautiful along the way as long as you look the right way. Fall in love and be happy; have a dream, be true  to yourself. Swim against the currents if you must, or you might just reegret it in the future. My mom always told me that, as a person, you always have to be able to bend and be flexible or else you will break. I want to live life to its fullest in every aspect possible; to maximize everything I have while surrounded by my loved ones, and to always remember that life is short and that I live with no regrets,” she shares.

 “ I want to be useful to society and to make a difference in whatever future endeavours I undertake. But for now, I’m still very occupied. I don’t think I have much time to think of another dream than to grow Hunt Street as best as I can,” she concludes.

Photographer : Hakim Satriyo

Stylist : Zico Halim

Make up : Francis Rey Pana

Hair : Kiefer Lippens

All wardrobe by : Fendi

Location : Verde Suite 1811