If you’re curious about the enigmatic lives of photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina and martial artist Deddy Wigraha, you’re definitely not the only one. Ready to quench your thirst for answers, we caught up with these picturesque close friends at PASOLA at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place, for the April issue of Indonesia Tatler. If you want to find out more about the two or the mouth-watering feast they had, grab yourself a copy of the April issue once you finish reading these six fun facts.

Both Nicoline and Deddy were models

If you think that Nicoline and Deddy’s statuesque figures are those of models, then you’re somewhat right. The pair used to model a long time ago, but insist that staying behind the camera is much better than posing in front of it. Deddy and Nicoline jokingly claim that they quit because they didn’t want to be ordered around in shoots anymore. Now it’s Nicoline’s turn to do so in her studio.

Nicoline’s studies

While photography might seem like second nature to her, it wasn’t what Nicoline first started studying. Halfway through pursuing her Fine Art degree in Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in the Netherlands, Nicoline decided to switch majors and has never looked back since.

Deddy’s intriguing past

He might be known for his Brazilian jiu jitsu practice, but did you know that Deddy was once a writer? After earning a degree in International Business, Deddy wrote for Men’s Health Indonesia and even became the Editor-in-Chief of another well-known magazine in Indonesia. Which magazine you ask? We’ll let you decide.

Nicoline’s first camera and favourite type of shoot

Nicoline might have a wide collection of cameras and lenses now, but when she first started out, the first camera she grabbed was the Nikon F2. Even though her website says that she’s a fashion photographer, she revealed that her favourite type of shoot is travel photography because it’s more casual and candid than the classic studio fashion shoots.

Deddy’s favourite jiu jitsu move

If anyone’s wondering what Deddy’s favourite jiu jitsu submission move is, we’ve got the answer for you: the Peruvian Necktie. It was hard for us to imagine how it looked without him showing it to us, so maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see it in one of his classes one day.

Nicoline’s favourite food

In between bites of PASOLA’s delectable dishes, it took less than a second for Nicoline to say that her favourite dish is anything that her mum makes. Not only does Nicoline’s multitalented mother have a restaurant, she also has a salon and is usually the one who drags Nicoline to her morning workouts.

Read more of the interview and Nicoline and Deddy's dining experience in the April issue of Indonesia Tatler!

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