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Surabaya socialite Azza dina Jamal is a perfectionist at heart, and this time she couldn’t have proven this further. Gathering 12 of her closest girlfriends and their daughters, Azzadina hosted a lovely afternoon soirée for the crowd at her very own De Soematra 1910 in Surabaya. She also brought along her daughter, Kenisha—also the youngest of the afternoon—who mingled brilliantly among everyone around her.

Azza Dina arranged this lovely gettogether as a reason to celebrate mothers and daughters. All the ladies mingled and chatted with one another over the endless array of sweet and savoury foods that were especially prepared by the brilliant chef and staff members at De Soematra 1910.

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Amid all the fun and laughter, Indonesia Tatler spoke to Azza Dina and Kenisha on their profound mother-daughter relationship— and they had much to share. As a woman, Azza Dina is passionate about being a mother and a wife. Her true happiness lies in being near her family and being able to make their wishes come true. Having Kenisha as her youngest daughter after two older brothers and one older sister, Azza Dina admits that she is exactly as she was growing up.

“Every time I see Kenisha doing things that she loves like singing, tidying up her room, helping her friends, and dressing up, it feels like a flashback to me,” says Azza Dina. “All the things that I enjoyed doing as a young girl, she is passionate about, too.”

Other than encouraging her passions, Azza Dina is particular in the way she raises her child. Kenisha has been instilled with spirituality, good manners, and proper conduct since she was a young child. In spite of sometimes pampering her, she has not compromised in raising her girl well.

“Communication is the key to all relationships, and I constantly remind her to communicate with her parents on a daily basis,” Azza Dina explains.

As parents to children of today’s “gadget generation”, raising them properly is no easy task. She admits to being a protective mum, but at the same time allows Kenisha to explore out of the box from time to time. “Both my husband and I are involved in her growing stages especially as she turns into a teenager.

These are crucial years and we do understand the necessity of allowing her to explore life on her own but at the same time consistently be the pillars of support she needs.”

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[Photographer: Robby Tanod (Sweet Escape), Stylist: Niel Dimitrij, Wardrobe: Dior, Floral decoration: Elene, Venue: De Soematra 1910]