Former child singer Tasya Kamila is over the moon. Since completing her master’s degree at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University and marrying businessman Randi Bachtiar in 2018, the 26-year-old and her partner are currently awaiting the arrival of their first kid. Just like other parents-to-be, Tasya and Randi also went to have a babymoon holiday and they choose Bali. A babymoon is a holiday for the parents-to-be before the arrival of their children and this phase is believed to bring positive energy to the unborn baby. Check out Tasya’s babymoon pics below!

Beautiful snaps with hubby

Tasya shares a picture of her and hubby, Randi, smiling to the camera with a magnificent Bali sunset background on her Instagram feed. What happy parents- to- be!

Seminyak bound 

The good-looking couple chose Seminyak as their destination for their babymoon, known as one of best spots in on Bali, and filled with world-class bars, restaurant, and hotels. Other than high-quality accomodation, Seminyak also has a breathtaking white-sand beach, which is more relaxing than Kuta and which was good perfect for the heavily pregnant Tasya to relax in peace.

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