Fira Fatmasiefa and Brasmasto Prasojo are brilliant young scientists who have made their country proud. The brother and sister pair won the highest accolades at the 2017 edition of the International Conference for Young Scientists in Stuttgart, Germany. They were awarded with two gold medals: one in the Computer Science category, and the other in the Posters categories.

Their research topic for the conference was “Braille Learning Algorithm”. Braille, the tactile writing system invented for the blind, is difficult to learn and memorise, especially without the aid of a teacher. Fira and Pras’s research goal was to create a learning device that would help the visually impaired and blind to understand Braille better and faster.

Through plenty of hard work and their immense talent, the duo successfully came up with a device that could do exactly just that. The device introduces the students to the Braille alphabets before proceeding to test them. The device is also capable of recording the student’s progress, repeating more frequently the alphabets the student is unfamiliar with.

While the device can still be further improved, it certainly is a great start to improving the lives of the visually impaired. Fira and Pras applying their scientific talents to a good cause is truly inspiring, and something that we can all learn from.

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