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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, people do social distancing by doing everything at home to suppress the infection rates. However, doing social distancing doesn't mean you can't make anything from home. Even though the movement of activities is limited, there are several things that can be done from home, for example like opening a new business. For those of you who are planning to open a new business of creative and creative food from home, here are some tips from Eugenie Patricia, co-founder of PUYO dessert that you may learn.

1/5 Ideas are not that valuable, execution is 

Anyone can give out ideas, saying “that’s a very simple product, how can it succeed” or “I thought of that before this brand launched it”. Ideas are easy to come up with, but execution is more crucial to get things done. 

2/5 Learn by doing

My main tactic when making my dessert brand was to launch it first! Forget about complicated marketing strategies and branding—the more people that try your product, the more you can immediately start to refine it and make it better. Customer feedback is key to creating a better product. 

3/5 Find desserts that long last, not temporary viral desserts

Create something that you actually love, not something gimmicky just for the sake of being viral on social media. A dessert brand should be enjoyable more than once and not just a one-time thing.

4/5 Product, service and marketing

These are the three crucial key points in running a business. Always take quality control seriously or improve your product even if you’re busy expanding or running the company. We usually send out “mystery customers” once in a while to make sure that our products and services are on pointe. Marketing is also important to making a sustainable dessert business. Keep in mind that you put the customer first when you’re finding ideas for a marketing campaign. 

5/5 Enjoy the Process

For me, knowing how to make your product from scratch is very important. I enjoyed learning the process from day one. Even with all the sleepless nights seven years ago making Puyo, collecting orders, delivering Puyo to my customers and managing complaints, it was such a memorable experience. In doing so, I now have a very big picture of what’s happening in the company. I went through all the processes before I took my current position. I am a firm believer that starting small is not wrong: I like to keep it simple at first, making sure that everything is going well. So do try and remember to enjoy the process and don’t aim for quick fixes! 

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